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Smart Grids: Everything you need to know

Smart Grids

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The introduction of smart grid technology has caused a fundamental re-engineering of the electricity services industry. This article takes a look at 1) what are smart grids & why do we need them, 2) features and benefits, 3) chief technologies used, 4) security and other concerns, 4) a few of the top smart grid companies, and 5) some key research programs. Continue reading

Interviews in Silicon Valley & NYC

BloomReach | Interview with its CTO & Co-Founder – Ashutosh Garg

In Mountain View, we meet CTO & Cofounder of BloomReach, Ashutosh Garg. He shares his story of how he cofounded this startup and how the current business model works, as well as what the current plans are for near future, and some advice for young entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Startup Hubs North America

Startup Hubs Around The World: Los Angeles

The City of Angels is famous for its movie stars, its balmy climate and its sports teams. One of the most recognizable cities in the world, it draws visitors from around the world. With so many areas of success, it is only natural that making a move towards becoming a startup hub is the next frontier Los Angeles seeks to conquer.

Los Angeles - startup hub

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Los Angeles is in close proximity to the number one startup hub in the world: Silicon Valley. In recent years, however, a rising number of entrepreneurs have chosen Los Angeles over its famous neighbor. To find out why, we’ll explore 1) the location, 2) the tax incentives, 3) legal incentives, 4) investors, 5) local resources, 6) specialization of the area, and 7) startups to watch. Continue reading

Raising money

INDIEGOGO | Raising funds by crowd and getting customer feedback


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Indiegogo is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms online. In this article, we will look at 1) what is Indiegogo?, 2) why and when to use Indiegogo, 3) benefits of using Indiegogo, 4) options to raise funds and fees on Indiegogo, 5) how to be successful on Indiegogo, 6) Indiegogo success stories. Continue reading

Interviews in Silicon Valley & NYC | Interview with its Founder & CEO – René Lacerte

In Palo Alto (CA), we meet founder and CEO of, René Lacerte. He shares his story how was founded and how the current business model works, as well as what the current plans for near future, and some advice for young entrepreneurs.

The transcript of the interview is below.

Continue reading

Big Data, Recruiting

Best uses of Big Data in Recruiting

Big Data – the collection of larger than average datasets that require unconventional storage, processing, and analysis methods, has revolutionized nearly every field of business, from marketing to manufacturing. Big Data can provide those firms that develop the infrastructure to analyze and act on the patterns and insights contained in these datasets, with a source of competitive advantage in any industry. This infrastructure includes the technology to aggregate, process, and analyze various datasets, and the personnel to perform these operations, which marketing research firm Gartner estimates will be a $232 billion dollar industry by 2016. As more and more firms invest in Big Data infrastructure and integrate it into their existing internal operations, such personnel are in high demand these days. Firms often find them with the help of Big Data-driven recruiting procedures. Indeed, Big Data has transformed the world of recruiting; and it may help you find the talent you need, in each area of your business.

Big Data in Recruiting

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Big Data, or people analytics, as it is known when applied to recruiting, provides recruiters with more data to analyze. Social media networks have become the first stop for many recruiters after receipt of a resume. However, people analytics encompasses more than just social media data mining. Indeed, it encompasses even more than just back-end software or personnel. People analytics is also an orientation – an attempt to create a complete picture of a candidate long before they step foot in an office for an interview. An applicant’s entire online presence, their use of a firm’s recruiting database, their customer or non-customer status, their political affiliations, their smoking preferences, and other characteristics can all taken into consideration in this era of Big Data.

In this article, we will cover 1) the benefits of recruiting using Big Data; 2) recruiting using Big Data; 3) the risks of using Big Data for recruiting; 4) the future of hiring with Big Data; and 5) a case study of a business using Big Data. Continue reading

Interviews in Silicon Valley & NYC

Totango | Interview with its Co-founder & CEO – Guy Nirpaz

In Palo Alto, we meet co-founder and CEO of Totango, Guy Nirpaz. He shares his story how he co-founded this startup and how the current business model works, as well as what the current plans for near future, and some advice for young entrepreneurs.

The transcript of the interview is provided below. Continue reading

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Saving the World: Business Ideas for Cleaning the Ocean from Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution is a problem that plagues not one, but all of the world’s oceans, killing sea life and endangering the health of human beings. Though the issue of marine plastic solution is not one that can be resolved easily, it is possible to alleviate the problem at least to a small extent. By coming up with a business plan that helps to get rid of and/or reuse ocean plastic, you can show your concern for the environment.

Plastic Waste - Hawaii turtle

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Aspects discussed in this article are 1) plastic waste in the oceans is a very serious issue, 2) challenges associated with ridding the ocean of plastic, and 3) innovative business ideas for removing and/or reusing plastic waste from oceans. Continue reading