Biotech | A Complete Guide

The science of biotechnology has enormously improved the life of humans. From revolutionizing medical techniques, to helping the agricultural industries, biotechnology has kept up with global needs and demands. But coupled with its success, it keeps the potential for misuse, in the wrong hands biotechnology could be used for biological warfare.


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In this article we will look at: 1) what is biotechnology?, 2) history of biotechnology, 3) types of biotechnology, 4) purpose behind the exploration of biotechnology, and 5) the biotech ecosystem. Continue reading

Startup hubs

Startup Hubs Around The World: Amsterdam

The sudden emergence of Amsterdam onto the tech startup scene caught many people off guard. With a population just under 1 million people, the (relatively) small city never indicated that it was quietly garnering the tools to launch an attack on the startup market. Suddenly, however, the city erupted onto the global market and is continuing to innovate while the world watches.

Amsterdam - Startup hub

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To determine how Amsterdam developed into a contender in the startup market, we’ll explore 1) the location, 2) the tax incentives of the city, 3) legal incentives, 4) investors, 5) local resources, 6) Amsterdam’s specialization, and 7) startups to watch. Continue reading


mbrace | Interview with its co-founder & CMO – Jan Tillmann

In Berlin, we interviewed Jan Tillmann, the co-founder and CMO of mbrace.

Mbrace is a social discovery app which matches people by their interest in order to bring them together.
Jan talks about the business model of mbrace, its corporate strategy and market development, and shares several advices for first time entrepreneurs.
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Finance & Legal

Break-Even Analysis: What, Why, and How

Break-even analysis, one of the most popular business tools, is used by companies to determine the level of profitability. It provides companies with targets to cover costs and make a profit. It is a comprehensive guide to help set targets in terms of units or revenue.

Break even analysis

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In this article, we look at 1) break-even analysis and how it works, 2) application and benefits, and 3) calculations, assumptions, and interpretations. Continue reading


Mistakes To Avoid In E-Commerce

Though it often seems simple to set up an online store and create a virtual business, there are several easy to make mistakes that many entrepreneurs fall prey to.

Mistakes to avoid in e-commerce

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In this article we will look at 1) the importance of e-commerce design, 2) important considerations in e-commerce endeavors, and 3) mistakes to avoid. Continue reading

Startup hubs

Startup Hubs Around The World: Melbourne

Smaller than its counterpart Sydney, Melbourne, Australia has a thriving and growing entrepreneurial community that has a huge impact on the nation’s startup market. While they are ranked near the bottom of most startup market lists, they are actively working to improve their standing and attract both entrepreneurs and investors.

Melbourne, Australia - Startup hub

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As we discover what advantages Melbourne has over other startup cities, we’ll explore 1) the location, 2) the tax incentives, 3) legal incentives, 4) investors, 5) local resources, 6) specialization of the area, and 7) startups to watch. Continue reading


Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Yet, so many successful entrepreneurs do just that. They start a business, run a house, and keep up with social commitments. What’s the secret?

The secret lies in our productivity.

Thankfully, most of us no longer have manual work to do. Construction, agriculture, and so many other industries require that you move as fast as possible to improve productivity. Think of a line worker at a factory, doing the same task day in and day out. Their productivity is dependent on how fast, and how efficiently, they move.

People with desk jobs don’t have to worry about this as much. Our work might have a very different measure of productivity – based on how many tasks we get done off our to-do list, how many pages we read or write, or how much money we make per hour.

The concept of work smarter, not harder, thus applies to most people who work at a desk. 9-5 is no longer the name of the game. If you can get your work done in four hours a day, kudos to you. That is the key takeaway from “work smarter, not harder”.

What makes it possible? The right tools.Productivity toolsWe don’t need to spend long hours typing out thoughts. We can dictate them, outsource the transcription, and have someone do the writing for us. We can use email tools that make it easier to move emails to to-do lists. We can communicate with the entire team through one platform, instead of sending individual emails and then compiling everyone’s thoughts.All these tools help us get our work done faster. They make us more productive. We’ve put together a collection of tools that can boost productivity, and it’s up to you to decide which ones work for you. We will look at tools for 1) project/team management, 2) social media management, 3) time management, 4) file storage, 5) reminders & calendars, and 6) email management.  We also give a special nod to 7) an over-arching tool that can help across all these categories. Continue reading