How to Successfully Analyze A Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae

Filling a job opening often requires a significant allocation of time and resources. Hiring managers often see dozens, even hundreds of resumes from candidates with many kinds of qualifications. The best way to work through the hiring process is to have a specific plan. The plan should begin with writing an effective job post. Writing an effective job post will attract the kind of candidates that you are interested in; thus, weeding out those candidates that are not suitable for the position from the beginning. You will also need to develop a system of talent identification. Every system should be job specific. If you take care in developing a specific system, you will be able to read the resumes in relation to your goals and requirements for the job. When you are ready to begin reading resumes, you should follow an initial screening process followed by an analysis and reflective process. By following these steps, you can avoid dedicating time and energy to candidates who are not right for the position.


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In this article, you will learn about 1) how to write a good job post, 2) a systematic system for talent identification, 3) initial screening of the CV, 4) how to read between the lines of a CV, and 5) some reflective questions. Read more…

How The Build-Measure-Learn Cycle Really Works

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Every business wants to succeed; who doesn’t? Unfortunately, not everyone makes it past the one-year mark. Others even do not manage to survive for a period shorter than that. The failure of most startups can be pinned on a number of reasons: lack of funding, poor management, or even a poor business model to begin with. Much of the success of any business, however, would rely on how the owner or the management acts. What decisions do they make, and how do they reach these decisions? What strategies do they employ in managing their startup? These are only some of the questions that would bring to light the reasons why the startup succeeded or fell short of expectations.

How The Build-Measure-Learn Cycle Really WorksIn this article, we will 1) get a basic understanding of the lean startup method and its advantages, 2) learn about the principles of the lean startup method, 3) overview on the build-measure-learn cycle, and 4) an example of how Zappos used the build-measure-learn cycle.

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How to Strategically Analyze a Cover Letter

There is a wide variety of information available to job seekers regarding how to write the best cover letter. However, many of these informative guides will contradict each other. For example, one guide suggests that every cover letter should be closed with an actionable paragraph in which the candidate must demonstrate an intent to follow up on the application. Other guides suggest that this is to be avoided at all costs. Whichever guide a candidate chooses to follow, a good cover letter can express valuable information about a potential candidate. A cover letter can provide insight into the candidate’s personality. It is also a demonstration of several skills including communication, writing, organization and the ability to correctly follow directions.

There are many free resources both online and in the community to learn how to write a good cover letter. If it is immediately obvious that a candidate has chosen not to dedicate time and care to their cover letter, a hiring manager should not devote their resume much attention. Those candidates who recognize the value of a good cover letter show demonstrable skill and prove that they take the job hunting process seriously.

How to Strategically Analyze a Cover Letter

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The following article is a guide to strategically analyzing a cover letter. We will explore 1) the CV format, 2) analytical reading, 3) comparing cover letter to the resume, and 4) asking some questions. While this guide is aimed at recruiters and hiring managers, job hunters can also take away valuable information about how potential employers read their cover letters and resumes. Read more…

Strategies For Changing Brand Perception

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If you are presented with flashcards of product logos, how many will you be able to identify?

When presented with a logo or a brand name, what immediately comes to your mind? What feelings does the name invoke? How do you respond to it? Now try thinking back to the first time you encountered that brand. What did you think of it back then? What do you think of it now? Has it changed? If so, what changed?

This means that your brand perception has undergone a shift.

Strategies For Changing Brand Perception

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In this article, we 1) understand the basic concept of branding, 2) how to develop a brand strategy, 3) a quick overview on brand perception, 4) actionable strategies for changing brand perception for your company.

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Linking Sales Compensation to Performance

Linking sales compensation to performance is a much discussed but not always well-executed concept. I will examine why it is important to be clear about compensation, the different types of compensation, tying incentives to the goals of the company, quantitative and qualitative measures for compensation, and a couple of frameworks that work.

Linking Sales Compensation to Performance

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In this article, you will learn 1) an introduction to sales compensation, 2) how you can link the sales compensation to performance, 3) some quantitative and qualitative measures, and 4) how management by objectives can help.

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How to Identify and Analyze Keywords Your Competitors Are Using

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A keyword is normally a word or phrase that highlights a topic or passage of significance within your web content. Searchers use different words or strings of words to collect more information from the internet on the topics of their interest. Keywords basically represent the web content and the way people search for that content. The main purpose of keywords is to increase the value of your content both for Google Search Spiders and people.

You should add keywords naturally in all the content you write, whether it is the body of a new post or meta description, because they represent the theme of your page. A reader will find it easy to consume the naturally inserted keywords just like the rest of your content. On the other hand, you will turn off your reader if the keywords you use are irritating sales pitches or cause the reader to stumble over the rest of the content.


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In this article, we explore 1) what keywords are not about, 2) why you should spy on your competitors’ keywords, 3) effective techniques for researching and analyzing keywords your competitors are using, 4) important tools for spying on your competitors’ keywords, and 5) conclusion. Read more…

How To Measure The Effectiveness Of Marketing Campaigns

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It goes without saying that marketing is one of the biggest and most important expenditures that any company will make. After all, if you are not doing the right things to add to your customer base, then your company is not going to grow in both size and revenue. That is why effective marketing campaigns are critical to the continued success of any business.

The problem is that most companies do not have an unlimited marketing budget. This results in the need for each business to examine the effectiveness of each marketing campaign to see if that type of campaign was successful or should be avoided in the future. Let’s explore this subject a little further and see how your company can track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


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In this article, we explore 1) the types of marketing campaigns, 2) how to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, 3) tools for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and 4) conclusion. Read more…

Webtrekk | Interview with Christian Sauer

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Christian Sauer_CEO Webtrekk(1)

Christian Sauer | CEO Webtrekk

Christian founded WebTrekk, a leading analytics company based in Berlin. In this interview he shares 1) how he came up with the business idea, 2) how the business model works, 3) his thoughts on raising funds, and 4) some thoughts on the German startup ecosystem. Read more…

How To Build Great Looking And Functional Business Dashboards

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could access all its data, information, trends, reports and statistics through one tool or platform? Collecting, accessing and studying business data can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming activities for a business but one tool that can simplify the process is a Business Dashboard. A dashboard is a tool through which information can be easy displayed, tracked and evaluated in the most convenient manner.

Business dashboardIn this article, we shall explore the topic of Business Dashboards further. By reading the information presented, you will be able to learn 1) everything you need to know about business dashboards, 2) why do all businesses need business dashboards, 3) building effective business dashboard. Read more…