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HelloFresh is a fresh food delivery service that provides recipes, instructions and ingredients in exact quantities delivered to your house. In this article, we will look at, 1) what is HelloFresh?, 2) products, 3) business model and key components, 4) learning from HelloFresh’s success, and 5) HelloFresh Reviews. Continue reading

Startup hubs

Startup Hubs Around The World: St. Petersburg

Found in the northeast section of Russia, St. Petersburg is Russia’s second-largest city. While Moscow may be the capital of the country, St. Petersburg is the cultural center and boasts of a population of over 5 million people. St. Petersburg is positioning itself to be competitive on a global level and wants to become one of the world’s primary startup hubs. Considering the rising push for new technologies combined with the recently acquired freedoms that St. Petersburg is enjoying, their quest to become a global competitor is not beyond possibility.

St. Petersburg Startup Hub

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To understand the benefits of choosing St. Petersburg as a startup, we’ll look at 1) the location, 2) the tax incentives, 3) the legal incentives, 4) investors, 5) local resources, 6) the specialization of the area, and 7) startups to watch. Continue reading


Using Meetup for Business Purposes

One lasting innovation of social media over the past decade or so is the meetup - an offline gathering of individuals spurred by a common interest who initially meet and interact with each other online. was largely responsible for this phenomenon, and while many social networking sites, such as Google and Yahoo, feature tools for offline meetings, remains the largest single facilitator of meetings, as well as the premier brands in the space. Its user base is significant and its social tools – desktop and mobile – have set the standard for “Meetups” across the net. With these factors in mind, can be used as very effective tool to accomplish a number of key strategic business objectives.


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In this article, we will cover, 1) the history of, 2) the purpose of, 3) the benefits of, 4) setting up a account, 5) using for business, 6) key terms for usage, 7) best practices for, and 8) a case study of successful business usage of  Continue reading

Startup hubs

Startup Hubs Around The World: Moscow

Far to the north, Moscow holds the rank of having the world’s largest urban economy, and as of March 2013, had the highest number of residents who are billionaires. The capital of Russia, this mysterious city is a mix of historic buildings and modern skyscrapers. The city is determined to find its place in the modern global marketplace, and has determined to become a leading technology start-up hub.

Moscow - Startup hub

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We’ll examine 1) how the location of the city is helping their quest, 2) the tax incentives available in Moscow, 3) the legal incentives, 4) investors in the city, 5) local resources, as well as 6) the specialization of the city and 7) some startups to watch. Continue reading

Startup hubs

Startup Hubs Around The World: Sao Paolo

When considering startup locations around the world, it is no surprise that Sao Paolo, Brazil made the list. With a population of approximately 11 million people, the city has become a leader in fine arts, commerce, finance and entertainment industries; adding startup hub for the tech market is simply the next step for the city that exerts such significant influence in both Brazil and the world.

Sao Paolo - Startup hub

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In our study of Sao Paolo, we’ll explore the 1) location of the city, 2) tax incentives, 3) legal incentives, 4) investors, 5) local resources, 6) the specialization of the city, and 7) startups to watch. Continue reading

Human Resources

What Channels Are Most Effective For Recruiting Of Top Talent For A Startup?

Startups are at a disadvantage when it comes to recruitment when compared to their more established counterparts. While corporate companies can survive even with a few wrong hires onboard, startups can’t because each employee’s contribution is essential to keep their business afloat. In addition, young startups typically do not have the benefit of recognition or an established brand name, will struggle to attract hires because of the inherent risk involved with their business, may be inexperienced about what role to hire for or how to go about the recruitment process and don’t have adequate knowledge/awareness about the local job market.

Recruiting channels for startup

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In spite of all the challenges involved, a startup can easily and successfully recruit a great team just by using the right tools. Through this article, you’ll learn about 1) worldwide recruitment trends for 2014, 2) 10 best channels for recruiting top talent for a startup. Continue reading