How To Build Your Company Vision

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You know that you have succeeded when you have achieved the goal or accomplished the purpose, that you have set out to achieve or accomplish from the beginning. All those hours, resources and efforts that you have spent on planning, researching, and subsequently implementing those plans are directed towards a fixed objective. You know, from the outset, that you want your business to become something. You have a vision in your mind what you want it to be in the future.

But we are not talking about just any vision here. We are referring to your company’s, or your business’, vision.

How to build your company vision

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In this article, I explore 1) the company vision, 2) how to build your company vision, and 3) case study: Disney’s company vision. Read more…

How to Keep Your Family Happy When You Are an Entrepreneur

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According to Warren Buffet, one of the richest and most generous people in the United States, “Don’t risk what is important to you, to get what is not important to you.” This is great advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to balance their work and family and making both sides of their life work out successfully.

How to keep your family happy when you are an entrepreneur

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In this article, we will look at 1) the importance of family for an entrepreneur, 2) how to keep your family happy when you are an entrepreneur, and 3) successful entrepreneurs and family.

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How To Setup A Call Center That Drives Customer Success

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In business, having high-quality products and services is not the only thing that you need in order to attract customers and build a loyal customer base. There are other factors that come into play, and one of the weightiest ones is customer service.

Unfortunately, not all businesses recognize the importance of customer service. Large corporations and major players in business do, however, which is likely one of the reasons why they are the giants that they currently are in the industry. Smaller businesses and startups are not as perceptive, though, leaving a random employee to “man the phones” or “entertain customer complaints”. This is worlds apart from how bigger companies do it: by establishing a customer service call center.

Smaller businesses are likely to argue, however, that setting up a call center for customer service may be a bit too much. It must certainly cost a lot of money and even more manpower to get one off the ground and actually maintain it. That is the excuse they make for being haphazard about their customer service and refusing to set up a call center. Little do they know what they are missing out on.

How To Setup A Call Center That Drives Customer Success

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It this article, we will explore 1) the basics of call centers, 2) setting up a call center, and 3) the conclusion. Read more…

To Micromanage or Not to Micromanage

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To Micromanage or Not to Micromanage

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In this article, I explore 1) an introduction to micromanagement, 2) signs of micromanagement, 3) micromanagers vs. hands on managers, 4) the need for micromanagement, 5) arguments for and against micromanagement, 6) how to micromanage successfully, 7) how to deal with micromanagement, and 8) a short conclusion. Read more…

Guide To Finding Brand Ambassadors

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There is this misconception that a “brand ambassador” is a model or an endorser. After all, you see them endorsing the products and services of the company. You see them in various media promotions for the product or service.

In that regard, we will agree that brand ambassadors are, in effect, models or endorsers. However, compared to models or endorsers, brand ambassadors have a weightier responsibility towards the company they are representing or promoting and to the audience that they are endorsing the company’s products and services too.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people have a clear idea about what brand ambassadors are and what they do. Why are brand ambassadors important? What can they do for businesses? How are they chosen by businesses? Will they have a positive and, most importantly, lasting impact on the goals of the business?

These are only a few of the questions we will try to answer, and we will also give you some tips on how to find brand ambassadors for your business.

Guide To Finding Brand Ambassadors

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In particular, we will walk through the sections 1) meet the brand ambassador and 2) how to find brand ambassadors. Read more…

How To Implement A Feedback Culture In Your Company

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The way you handle feedback tells a lot about your character and being able to learn from both positive and negative feedback is crucial for success. As well as being an important part of personal development, a strong feedback culture can also help companies and organisations to grow.

But a great feedback culture doesn’t just happen – it must be implemented and fostered. It can be a bit tricky to get it right and you won’t be able to change the organisation’s feedback culture overnight. But once you get started, the benefits are going to be evident immediately.

Here is a look at the benefits a strong feedback culture can provide for your business and the steps you need to take to create it. You’ll also learn the key characteristics of a great feedback culture to guarantee your organisation makes the most of its employees.

How To Implement A Feedback Culture In Company

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In this article, we will explore 1) why a great feedback culture is important to a business, 2) the steps to take to encourage feedback and create feedback culture in company, and 3) some final thoughts.

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How You Can Start A Business With No Money

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How many times have you heard aspiring entrepreneurs lament that, if only they had money, they would have been able to set up their own businesses and even expanded it? It is a generally accepted fact that, in order to start a money-making venture, you have to have money to kick things off. But what if you do not have money? Is it still possible to start a business?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. And that is what we will look into in the succeeding discussion.

How You Can Start A Business With No Money

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In this article, I will explore 1) the tips and methods on how you can start a business with no money, 2) success stories, and 3) start today. Read more…

Startup Advisors – When, Who and How

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Startup Advisors - When, Who and How

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In this article, we will explore 1) startup advisors, 2) when you need a startup advisor, 3) whom you should choose as a startup advisor, 4) how to choose the right startup advisor, and 5) how you can get most from your advisors. Read more…

How To Organize and Run An Assessment Center

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What makes a business successful? Ask this question and the most probable answers would be a sound business proposition and a solid business plan, having enough funding to start and operate the business, and having a viable product or service. Some would even say that investing in relevant technologies is also vital. More often than not, they miss one element: manpower.

A business cannot succeed, let alone start operating, without people. And we are not talking about just any random people called in from the streets and hired to become managers, rank-and-file employees, workers, and even customer service representatives. We are talking about the right people who are the right fit to the organization.

In order to get the right people to drive the organization, there is a need to invest in the recruitment process. For that, the business needs an assessment center that is run properly and effectively.

How To Run An Assessment Center

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In this article, I will explore 1) the assessment center and 2) how to organize and run an assessment center. Read more…

Complete Guide to Psychological Pricing

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Have you ever been to a store and wondered why that batch of your favourite chocolate costs $5.99 or the nice sweater costs $398? Did you ever ask why a hotel room costs $199.99 a night and not $200? Did you ever feel that most of the price tags around you are somewhat odd?

If you felt there’s something at play here, you would be perfectly right! Those one cent or one dollar “discounts” play a very special role in marketing. These odd prices actually give the illusion that you are paying drastically less than you actually are. So, to the conventional human mind, $199.99 seems closer to $100 than to $200, just because it starts with “1”. Odd pricing is a part of something that experts call psychological pricing.

Complete  Guide to Psychological Pricing

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In this article, you will learn about 1) an introduction to the psychology of pricing and 2) leading pricing strategies based on psychology.

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